digital humanities

Digital infrastructure for digital humanities

Docker images provide a means of running digital humanities applications with all their dependencies without messing up your computer!

Docker image for Palladio

Docker image for Palladio.

Docker image for Voyant Server

Docker image for Voyant Server, a web application for Voyant Tools.

Using TEI Boilerplate With Hugo

The integration of TEI Boilerplate into the Academic Theme on a Hugo website is described. The integration allows TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) P5 content to be displayed directly in modern browsers.

Creating a Digital Edition with TEI

A printed version of Lord George Digby's third speech to the House of Commons is transcribed into a Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) XML document.

Analyzing Samuel Pepys’ Dairy

Samuel Pepys’ Diary is analyzed to identify how it reflects the time and place he lived in.